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Spotlight: RaySat Unveils Two-Inch Antenna

By | November 1, 2004

      McLean, Va.-based RaySat Inc., a supplier of mobile antennas and communications equipment, is starting to demonstrate an ultra-low-profile antenna to automobile manufacturers that could be embedded in new vehicles to provide live satellite television to rear- seat passengers.

      The two-in.-high antenna will be available commercially in 2005 through two versions: the StealthRay, an in-roof antenna that will be built into vehicles by car and RV manufacturers and the StingRay LP (low- profile) an on-roof antenna to be offered through aftermarket channels. RaySat CEO and President Samer Salameh told Satellite News during an interview last week that the StingRay antenna would be the only mobile satellite antenna capable of receiving satellite TV signals from both DirecTV and EchoStar Communications [DISH].

      The two-inch antenna is more than three inches smaller than comparable antennas of the company’s competitors, Salameh said. The StealthRay in-roof model would be almost invisible because it is embedded in the roof design of a vehicle, Salameh said.

      Frost & Sullivan market research shows that the automotive rear-seat entertainment aftermarket is growing fast due to economic improvement, changing lifestyles, longer drive times and the need to keep children amused. The market is expected to top $480 million in revenues in North America by 2007, up from $208 million during 2000, according to the research findings.

      Instead of watching movies on DVDs, families would be able to use RaySat antennas to watch live TV or listen to advertiser-free, CD-quality music in their vehicles, including trucks, limousines and trains, Salameh said.

      (Salameh Samara, RaySat, 703/245-6840)

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