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Capstone Eyes Brazil For Growth

By | October 18, 2004

      Houston-based CapRock Com-munications’ South American operation, known as CapRock Com-uncacoes do Brasil Ltda., completed the initial phase of an upgrade to its Latin American facility to allow it to provide satellite services in the region. The company’s international teleport and operations center, located in Macae, Brazil, is offering satellite communication services under a Brazilian commercial license that caters to South America and the South Atlantic.

      CapRock, entrenched as a satellite communications provider to the offshore oilfield industry and to other extreme locations, is building non-U.S. operations as part of an expansion that has included maritime, construction, mining, forestry and government markets.

      The completion of the new communications center and master Earth station in Macae allows CapRock to provide services for customers across South America from within the region, rather than relying on its Houston teleport, said Douglas Tutt, managing director of CapRock’s South American operations.

      CapRock’s investment in South America began earlier this year when it acquired Blue Sky Comunicacoes do Brasil Ltda. and an existing teleport facility in Macae. As part of the integration into CapRock, the Macae teleport was expanded significantly and interconnected to CapRock’s global backbone network through terrestrial connections to Houston. The new facility provides C-band satellite services, and it soon will be able to offer Ku-band services. CapRock also supports its efforts in the region with sales and administrative offices in Rio de Janeiro.

      (Douglas Tutt, CapRock, 972/480-8383, ext. 222)

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