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Telesat Canada Files For Modification Of Permitted-Space-Station List

By | August 9, 2004

      The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said Friday after the Satellite Today deadline that Telesat Canada filed two petitions, each for a declaratory ruling to be added to the permitted-space-station list. The first request is for the Anik E2R satellite to reflect a minor change in the satellite’s orbital location and station- keeping box during mid- to late-September to early October, and extension of its permitted entry list until Dec. 15. According to the FCC, the application said the modifications are necessary to complete the transfer of traffic to the recently launched Anik F2 satellite, which is expected to occur in early October. Telesat also is seeking approval to locate the Anik F2 satellite at 111.14 degrees West longitude while the transfer of traffic between the Anik E2R and the Anik F2 occurs.

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