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Telstar 18 Sets Sail For Launch Site

By | June 17, 2004

      Loral Space & Communications officials said its Space Systems/Loral-built Telstar 18 satellite has begun its journey to an equatorial launch site in preparation for a June 28 launch. The satellite will be delivered into orbit on a Sea Launch LLC Zenit 3SL rocket, ultimately ending up at 138 degrees East longitude. It will carry 16 Ku-band and 38 C-band transponders. Telstar 18 will join the previously launched Telstar 10 in offering cable, broadcast and SkyReach IP service connectivity to Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States (via Hawaii).

      Initially, APT Satellite Co. Ltd. will be using 68.5 percent of the satellite’s capacity for its Apstar V services in exchange for funding a portion of the satellite’s costs. APT’s share of the capacity will be reduced in the future to 54 percent.

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