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World Broadcasting Unions Battle Satellite Interference

By | March 31, 2004

      The World Broadcasting Unions International Satellite Operations Group (WBU-ISOG) unanimously approved a set of Universal Access Procedures (UAP) for all satellite uplinks, aimed at significantly reducing satellite interference.

      The WBU-ISOG submitted a draft recommendation to the International Telecommunication Union Study Group 4B (ITU-R SG 4B) in Geneva, Switzerland, for satellite newsgathering (SNG), in time for the next Study Group 4B meeting in April.

      Members of the WBU-ISOG, consisting of broadcasters, satellite operators, transmission service providers and industry groups, also are calling on broadcasters and satellite operators to collectively help eliminate satellite interference. A primary concern is deliberate interference caused by rogue carriers that intentionally transmit to satellite capacity that has been assigned to legitimate users and thereby interrupt network broadcasters who use the satellites for newsgathering, program acquisition and distribution to their customers.

      Dick Tauber, chairman of WBU-ISOG and vice president of transmission systems and new technology for the CNN News Group in Atlanta, said it is important for broadcasters, satellite operators and uplink service providers to work together to reduce and eliminate interference caused by equipment malfunction and human errors. The goal should be for the industry to focus on and to thwart those who don’t play by the rules and that purposely interfere with global satellite broadcasts.

      “We anticipate adoption and approval from the ITU,” Tauber said.

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