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Pace CEO Confident About PVR Impact

By | March 17, 2004

      Pace Micro Technology CEO John Dyson is convinced the PVR/DVR (Personal Video Recorder/Digital Video Recorder) will at some point become the main STB (Set-Top Box) in consumers’ homes. Pace is one of the key suppliers of digital STBs to TV operators around the globe.

      In terms of how the PVR arena could develop, John Dyson, Pace’s CEO commented to Satellite Today: “Here it is about getting the price point correct so that the consumer is happy to spend the money on the product. It is much easier to use than a VCR. Our view on the PVR/DVR is that it will proliferate over the course of time and be the first box in everyone’s home. It is clearly the box that subscribers prefer.”

      An exclusive in-depth interview with John Dyson can be found in the March 17 issue of Inside Digital TV. For more information about subscribing to PBI Media’s satellite newsletters, check out our Web site at

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