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New Skies Launches Network Management Software

By | March 2, 2004

      New Skies Satellites N.V. [NSK], headquartered in The Hague, The Netherlands, introduced a new software tool yesterday that will provide customers of its Ipsys software enhanced control in managing their IP networks.

      The software allows customers to manage their own DVB services autonomously in real time by adding or removing sites as well as by changing bandwidth allocations. The new Internet backbone connectivity service will give customers “unprecedented” control over their platform capabilities, says Chris Schram, vice president of New Skies’ network engineering and operations.

      Ipsys directly connects customers’ remote point of presence (PoPs) to the global Internet backbone via a single satellite hop. The software thus allows the bypassing of all shared ground networks and associated congestion points – as well as any terrestrial gaps – to deliver Internet content at high speed to even remote locations. New Skies operates 18 platforms for Ipsys services via five satellites and six separate teleport facilities on four continents, company officials said.

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