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North American Satellite Transponder Market To Reach $2.56B by 2009

By | February 2, 2004

      Despite overcapacity and strong competition from terrestrial networks, the fixed satellite services market in North America will continue to grow throughout the rest of the decade, according to a recent study by Frost and Sullivan.

      The study, Commercial Geostationary Satellite Transponder Markets for North America: Growth Opportunities in a Mature Market, reveals that this market is likely to generate revenues worth $2.56 billion by 2009.

      Consolidation among end users – for instance, mergers in the direct-to-home satellite television sector – have further reduced the demand for transponders. This has triggered intense price competition, forcing satellite operators to directly address the issue by upgrading their networks to cater to numerous applications including data exchange, video and data broadcasts, and telephony.

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