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North American Satellite Transponder Usage Increases

By | November 11, 2003

      The North American satellite transponder market grew in the third quarter, according to a quarterly transponder study prepared by Clarksburg, Md.-based Communications Center ( According to the study, the number of North American “station kept” transponders measurable from the Washington, D.C., area increased by 80 from 1,329 to 1,409. Of the major satellite players in the third quarter, Telesat Canada gained 24 C-band transponders and 16 Ku-band transponder. SES Americom added 24 Ku-band transponders. EchoStar [Nasdaq: DISH] gained 35 in the Ku-band, Rainbow (Voom) added 13 in the Ku-band by displacing 13 from EchoStar, and Loral Space and Communications [OTC: LRLSQ] lost 16 in the Ku-band.

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