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Frequency Electronics Gets $2.3M Government Satellite Contract

By | November 10, 2003

      Frequency Electronics [AMEX: FEI], of Mitchel Field, N.Y., has been awarded a $2.3 million contract for an integrated ultra stable quartz oscillator and microwave receiver system to be used on a U.S. government geosynchronous satellite.

      Including this award, FEI has received over $6.5 million in contracts for space programs since the beginning of its fiscal year 2004. The awards include high precision quartz and rubidium timing systems, frequency converters covering L- to Ka-band, high-resolution synthesizers, DC-to-DC converters, C-band receivers, hybrids, and other products for commercial communications and U.S. government satellites. Deliveries are scheduled for use on satellite programs during the next 12-24 months.

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