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Terrorism Fears To Drive Military Satellite Deployment, Study Says

By | October 14, 2003

      Spending on next-generation satellite programs for the military will spur satellite industry revenues for the next five years, according to market research and consulting firm Northern Sky Research. The firm’s study, “Global Demand for Satellite Systems in the Commercial, Military and Science Satellite Sectors,” says that the post 9/11 environment has ushered in lingering fears of terrorist attacks. Related concerns about the activities of rogue states have prompted increased levels of military spending. Since space systems are taking on increased importance in conducting theater warfare and tracking the activities of terrorists and rogue states, further developments and spending for next-generation satellites will ensue in coming years, the study said. The U.S. specifically will lead the world in deploying military payloads in space, the report said.

      The military satellite market generated revenues of slightly more than $1 billion, or 13 percent of overall revenues in 2002, making it the smallest segment of the world satellite market, the study said. The military market is expected to generate the largest revenues within the 2002-2007 timeframe as next-generation programs are deployed, according to the report.

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