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Sea Launch Blasts Galaxy XIII/Horizons-1 Satellite Into Orbit

By | October 1, 2003

      Sea Launch, a joint of Boeing [NYSE: BA] and foreign partners, successfully launched the Galaxy XIII/Horizons-1, a Boeing 601HP satellite, for PanAmSat [Nasdaq: SPOT] and JSAT of Japan. The satellite will provide coverage over North America, Central America, Alaska, and Hawaii from 127 degrees West Longitude. The 4,090 kilogram- (8,998 pounds) satellite rocketed to geosynchronous transfer orbit aboard a Zenit-3SL at 9:03 PDT (4:03 a.m.) GMT from the Sea Launch Odyssey launch platform positioned on the equator in the Pacific Ocean.

      Galaxy XIII/Horizons-1 will support PanAmSat’s domestic cable program and distribution services, as well as the Horizons international joint venture of PanAmSat and JSAT that will offer digital video, Internet and data services between the United States and Asia. The spacecraft will carry 48 active transponders, 24 each in Ku-band and C-band.

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