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VOD, PVR: Pawns in DBS vs. Cable Battle

By | September 23, 2003

      Personal video recording (PVR) devices are the weapon of choice for direct broadcast satellite (DBS) operators, while video-on-demand (VOD) technology is the favored weapon of cable TV in the battle for the multichannel video customer, according to new study from technology research firm ABI. All pay-TV platforms, including the budding “Telco TV,” will rely heavily on these two technologies.

      Hollywood and other content owners, interested in defending their content, are watching these technologies with skepticism and caution. However, Oyster Bay, N.Y.-based ABI’s report notes that the multi-billion dollar VHS rental industry was spawned by the predecessors of VOD/PVR – the original Betamax and VCR.

      For more on this study, see ABI’s Web site at, or call 516-624-3113.

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