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Spotlight: ViaSat Signs Up To Aid U.S. Troops

By | September 15, 2003

      Carlsbad, Calif.-based ViaSat’s LINKWAY satellite terminals will be used by U.S. military camera crews to securely transmit video and still imagery from combat positions to headquarters, to command locations in the field, and to U.S.-based facilities.

      ViaSat [Nasdaq: VSAT] became engaged in the effort to offer a mobile, rapid deployment network to the military as a subcontractor in a $1.5 million deal with Alexandria, Va.-based VSE Corp. The network will feature ViaSat’s VSAT terminals, self-pointing antennas, and special power systems to enable users to set up and operate the system in virtually any location.

      Ric Vandermeulen, ViaSat’s director of government broadband, said, “This system starts a transformation for the military to efficient IP VSAT technology and was integrated in less than two months using commercial VSATs, camera and PC technologies. Now, broadcast quality video can be sent in near real-time, saving hours and sometimes days over current approaches.”

      The complete system provided by ViaSat would include video capture equipment to enable real-time encoding of video and video editing. The terminals uses technology that allows sharing bandwidth among remote stations and adjusting the size of the satellite channel to match data traffic.

      –Paul Dykewicz

      (Bruce Rowe, ViaSat, 760/476-2505)

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