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Stratos Launches Inmarsat Fleet F55 for Maritime Communications

By | July 28, 2003

      Stratos, a Bethesda, Md.-based provider of remote communication solutions and services, has launched worldwide Inmarsat Fleet F55 voice and data satellite communication services for the maritime industry.

      The Fleet family is comprised of Fleet F77, launched in 2002, and two new maritime offerings – Fleet F55 and Fleet F33. The Fleet F55 system has a smaller antenna size than F77 and is suitable for medium to large sized vessels. Fleet F55 will bring with it the traditional Fleet services of 64 Kbps mobile ISDN for voice, fax, large file data transfer, and videoconferencing; and mobile packet data service (MPDS) to provide “always connected” benefits combined with data-based billing, as opposed to billing based on the time connected.

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