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EMS Awarded $5.7M Contract by Alenia Spazio To Supply Switching Systems

By | July 23, 2003

      EMS Technologies [Nasdaq: EMLG] has received a contract valued at $5.7 million from Italian satellite manufacturer Alenia Spazio to supply switching technology for the Cosmo SkyMed earth observation satellite mission set for launch in 2005.

      EMS’s Space & Technology/Atlanta division will manufacture and deliver space-qualified X-band ferrite switching networks and electronic power converters for the Cosmo SkyMed constellation, which will feature four low-earth orbiting (LEO) satellites. The satellite system will provide high-resolution images of the earth’s surface for environmental monitoring, risk management (natural risk forecasting and management), and land-use mapping and planning, among other applications.

      The EMS switching network will route RF signals among the satellite’s transmitter, antenna and receiver, protect the sensitive receiver within the synthetic aperture radar, and provide an accurate and stable RF calibration channel.

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