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Mounties Get Their Satellite Pirates

By | June 13, 2003

      Following two eight-month investigations, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police Greater Toronto Area Federal Enforcement Section this week charged 23 persons and eight business locations of Huworks

      TV with conspiracy charges relating to satellite signal piracy. The offenses were filed under sections 9 and 10 of the Radio Communication Act. Also charged, in a separate investigation, was Adam Dicker and his company, Satan’s Playhouse, for similar offenses.

      The Mounties allege that these individuals and companies took part in the illegal sale and distribution of DirecTV and EchoStar Communications [Nasdaq: DISH]satellite systems, enabling Canadian consumers to receive U.S. satellite signals which are prohibited in Canada.

      The Supreme Court of Canada, in a decision published on April 26, 2002, ruled that it is an offense to decode encrypted satellite signals without the authorization of a distributor holding the necessary legal rights in Canada. Bell Expressvu and Starchoice are the only two companies that are licensed by the Canadian Radio- television and Telecommunications Commission to provide satellite service to Canadian residents.

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