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UK Sets The Pace For Broadband, Says Aramiska Head

By | June 12, 2003

      The UK market is still one of the more progressive in terms of satellite broadband in Europe, opined Aramiska CEO Philippe Bodart. He told SATELLITE TODAY: “The push to get broadband accepted by businesses and residential users is [stronger] in the UK than in France and Spain at the moment. You have government funding available in the UK for broadband take-up in rural areas. You don’t have these schemes in France and Spain at the moment.” Aramiska provides satellite broadband services to over a thousand business customers in the UK.

      Bodart’s comments follow a recent benchmarking study by UK regulator Oftel, which looked into the take-up of Internet access, both dial-up and broadband, in the UK compared to other countries in Europe, as well as in the United States.

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