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New Skies CEO Expects Growth This Year

By | June 4, 2003

      New Skies Satellites [NYSE: NSK] CEO Dan Goldberg believes his company will grow its revenues this year, despite the continuing tough market conditions. The Dutch satellite operator is targeting high single-digit or even possibly double-digit revenue growth this year. New Skies launched two new satellites, the NSS-6 and NSS-7, last year. So the company is eager to sell capacity on these new satellites as quickly as possible to raise utilization rates and boost revenues.

      Goldberg told SATELLITE TODAY: “The major challenge is to continue to fill up the satellites and to grow the business in an environment that is going to remain difficult. The estimates I have seen for our industry as a whole is that this will be another largely flat year. That said, and as reflected in the financial guidance, we’re expecting to grow our business this year, and grow in a manner that is profitable and responsible.”

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