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L-3 Unit Secures $52M Contract Modification from U.S. Military

By | January 13, 2003

      L-3 Communications’ (NYSE:LLL) Communication Systems-East division has received a $52 million contract modification for the U.S. military’s secure global communications system via the advanced extremely high frequency communications security (COMSEC) and transmission security (TRANSEC) system, known as ACTS.

      L-3 Communications, teaming with Boeing Space Systems, L-3’s Conic Division and Rainbow Mykotronx, received an initial award in December 1999to design and develop the architecture for the new security components.

      The system will provide secure global satellite and terrestrial communications to support joint U.S. military services and allied or joint coalition actions. Should catastrophic events occur, the system would provide survivable, worldwide secure communications via satellite.

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