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WorldSpace Confirms Shift

By | February 13, 2002

      A WorldSpace spokesman has confirmed it has put its AmeriStar satellite launch plans on hold. Eugene Reich, a spokesman for the company, said the launch of AmeriStar requires financial resources and WorldSpace is focusing on its other priorities, namely AfriStar and AsiaStar. He said that WorldSpace is seeking to reapply for international authorisation to use the pre-assigned orbital slot for AmeriStar at 95 degrees West longitude.

      Meanwhile, WorldSpace Africa head Isaiah Okoth has given details of current and projected receiver sales in Africa. He said that WorldSpace has sold 30,000 digital receivers in Kenya, and that’s expected to increase to 100,000 by the end of 2002. Total sales in the area covered by AfriStar’s southern beam stand at 60,000. Okoth also revealed that WorldSpace will introduce new “affordable” receivers before the end of the year. He said that some will be portable, while others will be combined with CD or cassette players.

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