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By | May 23, 2001


      68.5 degreesE:
      PAS 4 & 7
      D The replacement for PAS 4, PAS 10, was successfully launched from Baikonur on May 15 at 01:11 aboard a Proton rocket. The Filipino Channel launched on 4063 MHz vertical, SR 4399, FEC 2/3, VPID 2160, APID 2120, ID: “SCPC FILIPINO CHANNEL” in MPEG-2/PowerVu on May 11 but was switched off three days later.

      64 degreesE:
      Intelsat 804
      D TV Africa 4 has left the multiplex on 3666 MHz RHCP, SR 11716, FEC 3/4 leaving three channels remaining.

      45 degreesE:
      D On May 14 at 17:10 a live feed from Rome was carried on 12638 MHz vertical, SR 5632, FEC 3/4, VPID 513, APID 256, ID: “APTN ROMA PATH 1” in clear MPEG-2.

      42 degreesE:
      Turksat 1C & Eurasiasat 1
      D A new channel, Mihr TV, has replaced the Radikal TV test transmissions on 11156 MHz vertical, SR 1692, FEC 5/6, VPID 33, APID 34 in clear MPEG-2. Mihr TV appears to air for 12 hours a day, from 21:00-09:00. Kanal 7 and Radyo 7 have launched on 11159 MHz vertical, SR 4444, FEC 5/6, VPID 33, APIDs 34/35 in clear MPEG-2 via Turksat 1C’s West beam.

      36 degreesE:
      Eutelsat W4 & Sesat
      D There has been a marked increase in digital feed traffic here over the past few weeks. During the afternoon of May 12 preparations for a live feed from an unknown location were spotted on 11107 MHz horizontal, SR 5632, FEC 3/4, VPID 308, APID 256 in free-to-air MPEG-2. TBN Italy has left 12707 MHz horizontal, SR 2169, FEC 3/4 and has relocated at 12525 MHz horizontal with the same parameters. Digitaly has vacated 12695 MHz horizontal, SR 2498, FEC 2/3 and is now only available via Telecom at 8 degrees West and Hotbird at 13 degrees East. The Open Broadcasting Network (OBN) from Bosnia Herzegovina has launched on 12698 MHz horizontal, SR 4338, FEC 2/3 in clear MPEG-2. Until recently OBN could be found on Eutelsat W2 at 16 degrees East.

      A A very rare analogue feed was observed here on May 13 with a live relay from a demonstration being held in Croatia on 11166 MHz horizontal in clear Pal.

      28.5 degreesE:
      D The bowling channel, Olisat, has launched on 12561 MHz vertical, SR 2169, FEC 2/3, VPID 4194, APID 4195 in clear MPEG-2. The programming is in parallel with the output on Olisat’s Hotbird outlet. A new multiplex containing four streams currently airing testcards has started on 11469 MHz horizontal, SR 22000, FEC 5/6. The Sky Digital multiplex on 11469 MHz horizontal which uses Eurobird capacity has left this frequency and moved to 11508 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 2/3.

      28.2 degreesE:
      Astra 2A, 2B & 2D
      D Astra 2C is due to lift off from Baikonur aboard a Proton launcher on June 11. The much-hyped Personal Planner from Sky Digital was downloaded to Pace digiboxes on or about May 8. The version number is 2.7bb.5/1.2S4Ba. However, the upgrade did not go according to plan for many owners of older Pace models. Numerous subscribers complained of extremely slow software operation, loss of audio or even locking up of receivers. Presumably Sky will have to work out a fix for the problem before downloads to other receiver models takes place. There have been some PID changes on 12110 MHz horizontal. The new parameters are: Channel Health – V2333, A2331 and UCB Bible – V2234, A2332. Smash Hits! is a new music channel from EMAP also on 12110 MHz horizontal via PIDs V2314, A2315. The Chinese language channel PCNE on 11758 MHz horizontal has new PIDs, V2324, A2325. On 11797 MHz horizontal BBC 2 Wales is now on PIDs V2315, A2317, BBC 2 Scotland – V2318, A2320 and BBC 2 Northern Ireland – V2321, A2323. Anjuman TV, Gurjari Channel, Cee(I) TV, Panjab TV and Solar Radio have all left 12402 MHz vertical. They are still available via 12343 MHz horizontal. UK Horizons+1 has officially launched on 11817 MHz vertical, VPID 2334, APID 2337, Sky Ch.565. EuroNews has entered the Sky Digital EPG at Ch. 528. The international news channel will remain free-to-air. UKTV have slightly revamped some of their channels. UK Gold, UK Gold 2, UK Drama, UK Horizons and UK Style are all sporting new logos. Game Network, originally hailing from Italy, has joined the Sky Digital line up at Ch.223 in the EPG. This will also remain free-to-air for the foreseeable future. Competition for The Racing Channel. A new channel named Go Racing is slated for an April launch next year. Big Brother 2, the new second series from Channel 4, will be available on E4 for a massive 21 hours per day. There is expected to be an interactive element this time so some feed streams from the East London location are likely to appear, possibly on Eutelsat W2 at 16 degrees East, in the near future. Family Radio International 2 has vacated 12344 MHz horizontal. Family Radio and Classic Gold 828 have both left 12402 MHz vertical. The latest audio channel moves in the Sky EPG are; WRN Euro Max to 872, Heart Radio – 874, United Christian Broadcasting Europe – 875, Cross Rhythm – 876, OneWorld Radio – 877, ITN News Radio – 878, Solar Radio – 879, Panjab Radio – 880, Storm Live – 881, Prime Time Radio – 882, Sunrise Radio – 883, Talk Gospel – 884, Total Rock Radio – 885, United Christian Broadcasting Inspiration – 886, The Storm Radio – 887, Trans World Radio – 888, LBH Radio – 889 and United Christian Broadcasting Bible – 890. Ireland’s RTE Radio 1 has officially launched on Ch. 892. The Sky Box Office Event promo channel has returned to 12480 MHz vertical, VPID 2305, APID 2306. This year’s Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championship will look very different for satellite viewers. BBC Sport is to provide an interactive service offering five different live matches at any one time, each with commentary and a unique dynamically updated scoreboard.

      26 degreesE:
      Arabsat 2A & 3A
      D Festival TV from the Cannes Film Festival was available here last week, in parallel with their outlet on Hotbird at 13 degrees East, on 12685 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, V519, A720 in Irdeto encoded MPEG-2. Two Iranian TV channels have launched in clear MPEG-2 at 12015 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. They are Sahar Universal Network – V2860, A2820 and Jaam-e Jam Network 1 – V2960, A2920. Both of these channels are also available via Hotbird at 13 degrees East capacity and the output is in parallel from both satellites. The VIP Channel has started on an additional stream at 12646 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, V517, A700 in MPEG-2/Irdeto. This channel was already present here on another stream with PIDs V522, A750. The Iraqi government has decriminalised the reception of foreign TV and radio broadcasts via satellite. According to the Information Ministry eight foreign channels will be available to Iraqi citizens very soon. However which eight channels was not specified. Unfortunately, with a monthly subscription cost of some 10,000 – 12,000 Dinars this news will not have them dancing in the streets of Baghdad – the average monthly wage of an Iraqi government official is just 5,000 Dinars. Not so much freedom of choice for the masses as for the elite few.

      21.5 degreesE:
      Eutelsat II-F3
      The rolling news feeder service for ITN on 11097 MHz horizontal, SR 5632, FEC 3/4, VPID 308, APID 256, ID: “ITN LYON” is currently in clear MPEG 4:2:0 instead of the usual 4:2:2.

      19.2 degreesE:
      Astra 1A-C & E-H
      D The German home shopping channel, Home Order Television (HOT), on 12480 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 1279, APID 1280 has changed name to Home Shopping Euro. Radio station RTL Oldiesender has left the Canal+ Nederland bouquet at 12344 MHz horizontal and has been replaced by RTL Radio. Fashion TV has moved to 11973 MHz vertical from 11934 MHz vertical, VPID 169, APID 116. A Fox TV promo has appeared on 11934 MHz vertical via PIDs V175, A140 in Mediaguard encoded MPEG-2. Zalea TV has been replaced by Canal Evenement on 12012 MHz vertical, VPID 162, APID 88 in MPEG-2/Mediaguard. Two radio services for the Basque region of Spain have launched on 11934 MHz vertical via APIDs 243 and 250. They are Euskadi Irratia and Radio Euskadi.

      A The UK version of TV Travel Shop on 10818 MHz vertical has been replaced by a TV Travel Shop Deutschland promo in clear Pal.

      16 degreesE:
      Eutelsat W2
      D The Arabic language Al-Mustakillah TV briefly appeared on 11691 MHz vertical, SR 3099, FEC 3/4, VPID 512, APID 640 in clear MPEG-2 on May 11 but had left the frequency by the following day. SIC Portugal has been in the clear recently at 12567 MHz horizontal, V307, A256. The channel’s other outlet on Eutelsat II F2 at 12.5 degrees West, 12574 MHz vertical, was also free-to-air for a time. The TMC mini package has moved from 11088 MHz, SR 6109, FEC 3/4 to 11083 MHz, SR 11313, FEC 3/4. There are three streams currently active entitled “TMC Elpitel 04” – V308, A256, “TMC2_Elpitel” – V33, A34 and “Elpitel Roma” – V3601, A3604. An Italian election feed occupied 10995 MHz horizontal, SR 6400, FEC 3/4, ID: “ITA 114” on May 13 at 15:50 for RAI. On May 20 at 10:00 live coverage of a motor cycle race from Le Mans for F3 France was relayed on 11167 MHz vertical, SR 10847, FEC 3/4, VPID 308, APID 256 in clear MPEG-2. Two more feeds from the same event on 11185 MHz vertical, SR 10847, FEC 3/4, VPIDs 308, APIDs 256 were destined for TVE and Channel 5. Coverage of the wedding of Prince Constantine of the Netherlands was carried on 12553 MHz horizontal, SR 5632, FEC 3/4 on May 19 at 11:20.

      13 degreesE:
      Hotbird 1/2/3/4/5
      D Live and recorded reports from the Cannes Film Festival have been available last week via Festival TV on 12053 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 165, APID 100. Unfortunately this temporary channel was encoded in Mediaguard. Brazil’s TV Globo is still off air on 12092 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, V4520, A4621 though it still appears in the EPG. In the D+ package at 12418 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 163, APID 92 Italian Network News has been available in clear MPEG-2 for long periods instead of its usual encoded state. The MTN TV testcard has left the Croatian package on 12520 MHz vertical. EuroSport News has started on 11996 MHz vertical, VPID 168, APID 112 encoded in Mediaguard. At 11371 MHz horizontal, SR 3998, FEC 3/4, Video Italia is new via VPID 308, APID 256 in clear MPEG-2. The ID is “FUCINO E/S”. Three radio stations have left the D+ bouquet on 12341 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 namely TMC, Radio Radio and Radio 101. Radio 2M has launched on 12476 MHz horizontal via APID 603 alongside the TV channel 2M from Morocco. The shopping channel Quantum 24 on 11642 MHz horizontal has an additional audio stream, in Portuguese, on APID 1620 (right channel). Spanish channel Visions Europe has launched on 12092 MHz horizontal, VPID 4416, APID 4417 in clear MPEG-2. The new channel airs from 19:00-21:00 daily. Also on this frequency the six Spanish music channels entitled Hilo 1-6 are currently free-to-air. The Hungarian channel Duna TV has left 12149 MHz vertical. Home Shopping Europe Italia has launched on 10992 MHz vertical, VPID 522, APID 750 in MPEG-2. The channel is simulcrypt in Irdeto and Videoguard. On 12092 MHz horizontal Visions Europe is accompanied by six language soundtracks offering English, Spanish, French, Italian, Greek and German. The Dubai Sports Channel and UAE Radio have left 12654 MHz horizontal.

      10 degreesE:
      Eutelsat W1
      D On May 11 at 22:00 a feed featuring a talk show for the Turkish channel TGRT was carried on 11050 MHz vertical, SR 2918, FEC 5/6, VPID 308, APID 256, ID: “TGRT ANKARA DSN- 1” in free-to-air MPEG-2. The long standing relay of Austrian TV on 11014 MHz vertical, SR 5623, FEC 3/4 has become somewhat intermittent of late probably due to some uplink problems. This is a cable headend encoded relay of the Vienna based independent channel. Saturday May 12 was Eurovision Song Contest day and a live behind the scenes feed showing the computer centre in Copenhagen where the results were collected was carried on 11053 MHz horizontal, SR 2892, FEC 3/4, VPID 308, APID 256, ID: “9MHz PAL, 1 Audio” in free-to- air MPEG-2. As the demand for satellite capacity increases the EBU have acquired a 72 MHz transponder here to compliment their many services available via Eutelsat W3 at 7 degrees East.

      7 degreesE:
      Eutelsat W3
      D Isik TV from Turkey has left 11685 MHz horizontal, SR 3329, FEC 7/8. TV Festival from Cannes temporarily joined the Turkish package on 11658 MHz vertical, SR 30000, FEC 3/4 last week via PIDs V308, A256 encoded in Cryptoworks. Also on this frequency a new channel, Futbol 775, has joined the line up on VPID 2100, APID 2200. This is also encoded.

      5 degreesE:
      Sirius 2/3
      D Hockey Xtra 1-3 from Viasat have left 11823 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. In their place Bloomberg TV UK (22:00-18:00) and TV8 (18:00-22:00) have entered a stream share on PIDs V7031, A7032 accompanied by a TEM TV testcard on VPID 7041, A7402 in clear MPEG-2. ICTV from Ukraine has returned to 12634 MHz vertical, SR 2480, FEC 7/8, VPID 3601, APID 3604 in free-to-air MPEG-2 after a break. The regular harness racing feeds from Scandinavia are now free-to-air on 12671 MHz, SR 6665, FEC 1/2, VPID 4130, APID 4096. Nimrooz TV and Nimrooz Radio, both Arabic language channels, have left 12110 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 52, APIDs 53/54. Two channels are currently in the clear on 12347 MHz horizontal, SR 11663, FEC 3/4. They are The GOD Channel and GOD Revival. At 11804 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 seven Ticket testcards PIDs V6011-6071, A6012-6072 and a Barker Channel testcard – V6001, A6071 have launched in readiness for a new PPV service.

      3 degreesE:
      Telecom 2B
      D Telecom 2B has reached this slot after being moved from 11 degrees West. Some feed activity is likely from here very soon.

      0.8 degrees/1 degreesW:
      Thor 1, 2 & 3 & Intelsat 707
      D Dan Toto, the betting shop service for Scandinavia, on 11677 MHz horizontal, SR 26000, FEC 3/4 has changed PIDs to V515, A668. The three Big Brother Danmark streams in the Telenor package on 11677 MHz horizontal, SR 26000, FEC 3/4 have been switched off.

      7 degreesW:
      Nilesat 101 & 102
      D Abu Dhabi Sport appears to have left 11861 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4. The Palestine Space Channel on 11823 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4 is sporting new PIDs – V3092, A3093. The Voice of Palestine can be heard via APID 3094.

      8 degreesW:
      Telecom 2A/D
      D Digitaly has started on 12697 MHz vertical, SR 2498, FEC 2/3, VPID 4226, APID 4227, ID: “3Mb 2 ST 352 PX” in clear MPEG-2. Live coverage of the England versus Pakistan cricket test for Channel 4 was relayed on 11690 MHz horizontal, SR 5632, FEC 3/4, VPID 1160, APID 1120, ID: “Service 1” on May 19 at 14:30 in clear MPEG-2.

      21.3 degrees/21.5 degreesW:
      NSS 803 & NSS K
      D On 11641 MHz, SR 4411, FEC 3/4, VPID 1160, APID 1120 a caption with “Cyberstar UK. Helpline +44 (0) 1753 654 160” is present. Last week this stream was relaying Sky News for a short time.

      27.5 degreesW:
      Intelsat 605
      D A RR Communications feed stream has appeared on 10978 MHz vertical, SR 8997, FEC 2/3, VPID 33, APID 34. Various content has been sighted here including a brief relay of Israel’s IBA 1 domestic TV channel. A live election feed for BBC Scotland used 10969 MHz horizontal, SR 5632, FEC 3/4, VPID 308, APID 256 on May 17 at 15:00. The ID for the feed was “LOW DELAY 8MB”. Prior to the feed a “BBC Scotland UKI 536” caption was observed.

      30 degreesW:
      Hispasat 1A/B/C
      D Programa 7 is a new channel available on 11771 MHz horizontal, SR 28121, FEC 5/6 in encoded MPEG-2. Canal 47 Sevilla which is free-to-air on the same frequency has changed PIDs to V3105, A3106. Cancao Nova, a Catholic TV channel from Brazil, has launched within the TV Cabo package for Portugal on 12012 MHz vertical, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 4353, APID 4354 in Nagravision encoded MPEG-2. RTP 1, the Portuguese domestic TV channel, is now encoded on 11811 MHz horizontal, SR 27500, FEC 3/4, VPID 5136, A5137. SIC Noticias is now the only free-to-air channel in this bouquet. Quiero Local has been replaced by Vision Local on 11931 MHz horizontal, VPID 4512, APID 4513 in free-to-air MPEG-2. European Home Shopping Espana has launched on 11931 MHz horizontal in clear MPEG via PIDs V4720, A4721. Live video from the Vuelta cycling race in Spain was fed over 11571 MHz vertical, SR 10846, FEC 3/4, VPID 308, APID 256, ID: “ETTD-6 VUELTA C.A” in clear MPEG-2 on May 19 from 13:30.

      37.5 degreesW:
      Telstar 11 & Columbia 515
      D Asianet UK has now left 11597 MHz vertical, SR 3904, FEC 3/4 where it had been available in clear MPEG-2 for some considerable time.

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