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Italia 7 Gold syndication to join Tele+ platform

By | January 17, 2001

      A network of local TV channels covering Northern and Central Italy is planning to launch a satellite channel on the Tele+ digital platform. The Italia 7 Gold syndication was created from the ashes of the Italia 7 channel on January 1, 2000 and is made up of the Telecity, Telepadova and Sesta Rete local TV channels which have a joint turnover of L50 billion (E25.82 m).

      Speaking to Interspace, the owner of Telecity, Giorgio Tacchino, explained that Italia 7 Gold is aimed at AC Nielsen areas 1 and 2 in which 70 per cent of the advertising revenues are concentrated.

      Tacchino also revealed that the overall cost for launching the syndication is estimated at more than L20 billion. Italia 7 Gold is on the air from 05:00 to 24:00 CET, and during the remaining hours the member stations air shopping programmes. Besides inter-regional news bulletins, Italia 7 Gold’s programme schedule also includes sports, talk shows and Japanese cartoons.

      During its first year on air, the Italia 7 Gold syndication has brought in L10 billion in advertising revenues with an audience share of 1.5 per cent. Tacchino points out that the audience figures should be viewed in perspective of the overall Italian TV market, which is 90 per cent dominated by RAI and Mediaset, 0.8-1.5 per cent falls to TMC, while the remaining 7 per cent is divided up between all the other broadcasters.

      Italia 7 Gold hopes to pick up L15 billion in advertising revenues in 2001, thanks to its possible entrance in the Tele+ digital satellite package. If negotiations with Tele+ produces a deal, the entire programme schedule of Italia 7 Gold will be available to viewers throughout Europe.

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