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Globalstar Unveils New Satellite Hotspot for Enterprise Markets

By | April 19, 2018
Globalstar Sat-Fi2

Globalstar Sat-Fi2. Photo: Globalstar / Business Wire

Globalstar is bringing a new product, the Sat-Fi2, to the United States and Canada, which it hopes will prove a hit to enterprises across the region. Particularly, the company is targeting a wide range of consumer, enterprise and government markets including oil and gas, marine, alternative energy, government, emergency management, forestry, construction, commercial hunting and fishing, transportation and logistics — and for anyone who needs to stay connected when working or traveling off the grid.

The Sat-Fi2 is a lightweight, portable satellite hotspot providing communications through any Wi-Fi enabled smart device. Sat-Fi2 provides connectivity powered by Globalstar’s satellite network and represents the first product using the company’s next generation ground infrastructure.

The product comes with a Sat-Fi2 App, which means the device can connect up to eight Wi-Fi-enabled iOS or Android devices to send and receive email and SMS text messages, transmit voice calls, access the web, post to social media, and ensure access to emergency responders through the integrated S.O.S. button. Email functionality beyond cellular is seamless and the Sat-Fi2 App works on multiple platforms including Gmail, iCloud, Yahoo!, Exchange, Outlook, and Hotmail.