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Integrasys introduces Alusat for VT iDirect customers

By | March 23, 2018
      Alusat HTS, VSAT monitoring system. Photo: Integrasys.

      Alusat HTS, VSAT maintenance network system. Photo: Integrasys.

      Integrasys, a development, engineering and integration company specializing in the telecommunication and broadcasting markets, has launched its Always Up Satellite Terminal (Alusat) product — an automated Very Small Aperture terminal (VSAT) tool that helps enhance virtual network maintenance after installation — for VT iDirect customers. Alusat works with iDirect’s platform and is an extension of the installation and commissioning solution Satmotion Pocket.

      Satmotion Pocket enables satellite service providers to install and commission a VSAT terminal with accuracy, according to iDirect. The addition of Alusat allows for the monitoring of all sites, ensuring that VSAT terminals continue to operate at maximum efficiency after installation, and the effective identification of those not functioning properly. This enables service providers to optimize their operations and respond to malfunctions more efficiently, bringing about time and cost savings in operational expenditure, the company stated.

      Alusat enables the virtual revalidation and calibration of the overall network through a combination of system management as well as spectrum monitoring and measurement, to accurately derive the remote terminal Radio Frequency (RF) status. Using this process, a service provider can pinpoint which terminals are not functioning properly and in some cases even recover terminals that may be out of service. This can save time and money if a service provider can avoid revisiting a site, or help recover from serious events like a natural disaster or atmospheric interruption.

      Both Satmotion Pocket and Alusat can share the same hardware, keeping costs down for new customers or further enhancing the capabilities for existing Satmotion Pocket customers with minimal investment. Alusat also communicates directly with the iDirect Network Management System, bringing further automation and insight into network performance, and helping to reduce operational expenses, according to iDirect.