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iDirect Extends its iQ Remote Portfolio

By | March 15, 2018
iQ remote desktop as exhibited at the SATELLITE 2018 Conference & Exhibition.

iQ remote desktop as exhibited at the SATELLITE 2018 Conference & Exhibition. Photo: Via Satellite.

VT iDirect announced it is extending the iQ Remote portfolio with three new series: the iQ 200, the iQ 800 and the iQ 1000, which will deliver higher throughput rates and new  features for enterprise, telecommunication, aerospace, maritime and land-mobility markets. The iQ Series is VT iDirect’s next-generation DVB-S2/DVB-S2X remote portfolio, designed to meet the needs of both fixed and mobility networks across desktop, rackmount and board-level form factors.

According to VT iDirect, the iQ 200 Series is planned for cost-effective enterprise and maritime applications to satisfy the need for higher throughput applications, spurring growth markets such as fishing, small vessels, and offshore applications.  The iQ 800 Series is designed for high-throughput capabilities, featuring wideband support and seamless satellite beam switching, and is a multi-provider roaming solution. The iQ 1000 will serve the ultra-high-end mobility and telecommunications markets with extreme throughput requirements. Both the iQ 200 and iQ 800 Series remotes are targeted for delivery in 2018.

The iQ Remote Series will offer a range of bandwidth capabilities from 200 Mbps for the lower end of the spectrum to more than 1 Gbps for high-end applications. Software licensing allows partners to customize iQ remotes in various form factors to their specific throughput and feature needs, the company stated.

“The iQ Series takes everything we do to the next level — raising throughput rates to unprecedented levels, transforming how we provide our technology to partners, driving down infrastructure costs, and accelerating innovation across the ecosystem,” said Toni Kousiafes, VT iDirect’s vice president of product management.