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Telebras, Brazil Award Gilat Contract Valued at $11 Million

By | July 26, 2017
      Engineers prep the payload for Telebras' SGDC satellite. Photo: Telebras.

      Engineers prep the payload for Telebras’ SGDC satellite.

      Telebras has granted Gilat Satellite Networks orders worth $11.4 million to provide communication solutions and technologies for Brazil’s satellite-based national broadband network, which is supported by the country’s Geostationary Satellite of Defense and Strategic Communications (SGDC).

      The SGDC will cover all of Brazil’s territory and will enable Telebras to fulfill the Brazilian Governmental National Broadband Plan public policy. The SGDC satellite will provide fast and affordable broadband communication to commercial and government entities.

      SGDC launched in April aboard an Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket. The Brazilian government has three main objectives for the satellite: to reduce the digital divide in Brazil by providing internet services across the country; to provide secure communications for Brazilian defense forces; and to acquire critical technologies for the Brazilian space industry to improve the country’s future space programs.