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Spacepath Communications Unveils New Frequency Converter Systems

By | July 17, 2017
      Intelligent frequency convertors. Photo: SpacePath Communications.

      Intelligent frequency convertors. Photo: SpacePath Communications.

      SpacePath Communications is launching a new range of Intelligent Frequency Converters (IFC) featuring a hot swappable One Rack Unit (1RU) system design. According to SpacePath, the 1:1 redundant, hot swappable frequency convertor requires no additional, external 1RU switch controller or external input/output switches. It stated the 1RU redundancy design is a cost-effective alternative to typical 3U-based solutions, providing savings in terms of reduced rackmount space, fewer Radio Frequency (RF) cables and lower system costs.

      The convertors also feature a digital monitoring and control display; flexible reference with autosensing that can lock to external 5/10MHz reference or use a built-in high stability reference oscillator; seamless redundancy switching; and a frequency convertor range covering Ka-, Ku-, X-, C- and Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS)-bands.

      SpacePath designed frequency convertors for both military and commercial segments, including teleports, Satellite News Gathering (SNG), and broadcast satellite applications.