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Comtech Receives Additional Order for Shipboard Troposcatter System

By | April 12, 2017
      Comtech's MTTS Troposcatter. Photo: Comtech.

      Comtech’s MTTS Troposcatter. Photo: Comtech.

      Comtech Telecommunications announced that during its third quarter of fiscal 2017, its Orlando, Florida-based subsidiary Comtech Systems received a follow-on order for its shipboard troposcatter system to meet the U.S. military’s growing requirement for offshore, beyond the horizon communications for ships underway. Total orders received for this product during fiscal 2017 have aggregated $1.6 million.

      This shipboard side of the system is a self-contained terminal featuring a three-axis stabilized antenna in conjunction with Comtech’s tropo radio terminal. The shore side terminal uses Comtech Systems’ Modular Transportable Transmission Tropo System (MTTS), including its tracking Ultra tropo antenna and its 1 Kw Solid State Amplifiers (SSAs). The system can provide voice, video, and data communications to vessels more than 50 nautical miles off shore, made possible by Comtech Systems’ 50 Mb/s digital troposcatter modem.