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O3b, Ozonio Bring Broadband to Another Amazonian City in Brazil

By | December 1, 2016
      O3b teleport in Brazil. Photo: Ozonio Telecommunications

      O3b teleport in Brazil. Photo: Ozonio Telecommunications

      [Via Satellite 12-01-2016] O3b Networks is partnering with Ozonio to bring high-speed broadband connectivity to Tabatinga, Brazil. Following the successful partnership of O3b and Ozonio to bring services to Tefé, Tabatinga is the next Amazonian city to be connected.

      Tabatinga is a remote city of more than 60,000 people, located where the Amazon River enters Brazil. Significant geographic obstacles have prevented a fiber optic connection, leaving the city’s population without broadband-quality internet connectivity. As a result, voice and data communications have been delivered via satellite and microwave technologies with limited capabilities.

      Together, O3b and Ozonio constructed a node site that enables connectivity capabilities powered by O3b’s constellation of high throughput, low latency satellites.

      “After experiencing first-hand the demonstration of O3b’s services in the Amazonian city of Tefé, we immediately saw the benefits that these services could bring to residents of Tabatinga,” said Adriano Vieira Vargas, commercial director of Ozonio. “Prior to this launch, even the simplest web-browsing task was slow and painful. Now, citizens of Tabatinga can use social media, stream live videos, and engage in global economic opportunities.”