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SpeedCast Releases Maritime Email Solution with GTMaritime

By | September 21, 2016

      Photo: GTMaritime

      [Via Satellite 09-21-2016] SpeedCast International has launched a new maritime email communication solution called SpeedMail+ based on GTMaritime’s new maritime email platform. SpeedMail+ combines SpeedCast’s global VSAT and L-band network with the full suite of GTMaritime’s services, including email, file transfer and anti-virus applications, developed for communication requirements in the maritime sector.

      “SpeedMail+ will be seamlessly integrated into our global L-band and VSAT network. SpeedMail+ enhances our capability to deliver cost effective and dependable email, file transfer and anti-virus services to the Maritime Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) market,” said Dan Rooney, maritime product director at SpeedCast.

      SpeedCast’s VSAT network features more than 90 satellite beams consisting of global C-band, L-band, and Ku-band coverage from more than 70 satellites located in every region around the world, according to the company. SpeedCast is also integrating High Throughput Satellites (HTS) as they come into service.