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Inmarsat Approves DataPath QCT90 Man-Pack Terminal for Global Xpress

By Caleb Henry | July 26, 2016
      DataPath QCT90

      DataPath QCT90 terminal. Photo: DataPath

      [Via Satellite 07-26-2016] DataPath’s new QCT90 man-packable antenna has achieved full Inmarsat Type Approval for use on commercial Ka-band frequencies over the operator’s Global Xpress (GX), high-throughput wideband service. Introduced to the market last fall, the QCT90 man-pack terminal employs a 90-cm antenna with a carbon fiber reflector and cast magnesium frame for maximum durability while maintaining a light weight. The system’s fully integrated design avoids loose cables and includes a GPS-enabled Graphical User Interface (GUI) to allow an operator to take the antenna from case to connection within three minutes. The terminal also fits into a single backpack style case.

      As an approved Inmarsat Government GX satellite service provider in both commercial and military Ka-band frequencies, DataPath can offer customers complete solutions pairing high-throughput connectivity, either on-demand or at a fixed monthly subscription price, with its line of portable satellite terminals. The company previously achieved Inmarsat full Type Approval for use on GX’s military Ka-band frequencies for its CCT120 and CCT200 fly-away terminals, DA120 drive-away terminal, and STT 208 trailer-based antenna systems.