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How Planet Works with Partners to Accelerate its Impact With CFO Ashley Johnson

By Rachel Jewett | May 24, 2024

      In this episode, we’re joined by Ashley Johnson, Planet CFO and president for a conversation about how satellite data contributes to transparency for peace and security, and how Planet works with partners to accelerate the impact of its data. 

      Ashley shares the successes of some specific partnerships that deal with reducing tropical forest loss and mapping the impact of climate change on vulnerable populations. When there are so many impactful use cases for satellite data, Ashley gives some insight into how Planet decides which ones to focus its resources on. 

      We talk about the business impact as well. As CFO and president, Ashley tells her team that they have to “do well in order to do good,” emphasizing that Planet needs to be financially sound in order to have the greatest impact for good. 

      This episode is sponsored by AvL Technologies, an industry leading manufacturer of multi-band and multi-orbit satellite communications ground terminals for military, government and commercial applications. 

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