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Can I Work in Space? Evona’s Tom Kelly on Expanding the Sector Workforce

By Rachel Jewett | January 13, 2023

      The space industry is in a race for talent, to hire bright and innovative people to propel companies forward to meet their bold growth projections. While working in the space industry used to be a more insular career path, the industry’s rapid expansion with new startups and technologies is driving a push to bring more people into the industry’s workforce. Executives have been open about feeling the crunch for talent, and even the White House is getting involved

      Recruiting firm Evona is part of the solution. The recruiting firm specializes in space — especially bringing new people into the sector. Evona has grown rapidly since four tech recruiters banded together in Bristol, England a few years ago to start the company and has supported space companies like Iceye Finland, York Space Systems, and Isar Aerospace. 

      Co-founder and co-CEO Tom Kelly joins the podcast to talk to new host, Via Satellite Senior Managing Editor Rachel Jewett, about how specialized space recruiting works, how Evona makes an effort to hire from outside of the industry, and why that is important. Evona encourages everyone to ask the question — Can I work in space? 

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