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Emily Calandrelli Demystifies Space for Netflix and Tik Tok

By Rachel Jewett | June 7, 2021

      When it comes to science influencers, Emily Calandrelli is a household name for a new generation of space enthusiasts. If you have kids, you may know her from “Emily’s Wonder Lab” on Netflix, which brought DIY science experiments into viewers’ homes during the pandemic lockdown. She’s also the long-running host of “Xploration Outer Space,” and a speaker and the author of the Ada Lace children’s book series. 

      While Emily’s communication style is fun and accessible, she has a rigorous science and engineering background underpinning her work, with two master’s degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

      In this episode of On Orbit, guest host Via Satellite managing editor Rachel Jewett interviews Emily about how she went from interning at NASA to hosting a Netflix TV show, and how she strives to make science accessible to all. This episode also digs into the wild world of Tik Tok, where Emily has debunked science myths about falling rocket stages, and shared her own high-altitude experiment. 

      You can find more about Emily at her website and Twitter.

      Listen Here: