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The Potential of the African Space Industry With MzansiSat’s Victor Stephanopoli

By Annamarie Nyirady | August 31, 2020

      Victor Stephanopoli is the COO of MzansiSat, South Africa’s first private prospective satellite operator focusing on telecom. The company focuses on the South African market, and aims to deploy Geostationary Orbit (GEO) satellites, with the goal providing internet connectivity anywhere inside the country by 2025. 

      In this episode, Stephanopoli shares his uncommon path to the space industry. He got a degree in film in London, then took a vacation to South Africa and never left. Stephanopoli went to work in the telecom industry, which then led him to working in space. Stephanopoli also talks about the ins and outs of the African market, and his take on GEO vs. LEO.

      Listen here: