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The Regulatory Landscape with Jennifer Manner

By Jeffrey Hill | March 2, 2020

      Satellite is an important part of bringing connectivity to users wherever they are. The regulatory choices that are made by governments can assist in bringing connectivity to users. Satellite spectrum is an invisible asset that is invaluable to us as a society. While it covers the planet, spectrum is actually scarce. How is the spectrum supply managed?

      In this special episode of our six-part podcast series, “Connecting the Unconnected,” EchoStar Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Jennifer Manner and I will examine the spectrum, funding, and other decisions that impact the ability of satellite providers to meet the demands of users on both sides of the digital divide. 

      Connected the Unconnected is a special six-episode podcast series focused on bridging the digital divide. The series is sponsored by Hughes Network Systems. The sixth and final episode of Connecting the Unconnected, The Future of Connectivity, will be published next week.

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