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AT&T, Nokia Team Up to Drive Global Scale IOT

By | June 7, 2018
Nokia and AT&T to drive global IOT innovation

Nokia and AT&T have partnered to drive global IOT innovation. Photo Credit: AT&T

AT&T has entered into a partnership with Nokia to provide Internet of Things (IOT) connectivity around the world with a commercial service launch set for later this year. The companies will use Nokia’s Worldwide IOT Network Grid (WING) to offer AT&T enterprise customers the a  global IOT ecosystem, including core network, dedicated IOT operations, billing, security and data analytics.

AT&T and Nokia will develop, test and launch the next generation of IOT services, covering a range of industries including transportation, health, manufacturing, retail, agriculture, utilities, consumer electronics and smart cities. AT&T’s cloud-based Multi-Network Connect platform will simplify connectivity and platform capabilities for the use of Nokia WING. Multi-Network Connect lets businesses manage IOT devices across multiple cellular and satellite networks, operators and regions through a single portal.