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C-COM Integrates UHP Modem With Manpack Antenna Systems

By | June 10, 2020

The iNetVu MP-80 is a manpack antenna system. Photo: C-COM

C-COM Satellite Systems has integrated UHP Networks UHP-200 modem with its iNetVu 8000 series antenna controllers. C-COM announced Wednesday that the new modem is now fully compatible with all C-COM antenna systems using OpenAMIP interface.

C-COM’s Canadian reseller partner Galaxy Broadband Communications tested C-COM’s Manpack antenna systems (iNetVu MP-80 & MP-100) were tested over its new e115 Ku Beam, which provides coverage over northern North America and all three oceans. The C-COM Manpacks auto-acquired the satellite in under 60 seconds and delivered speeds equal to a fixed 1.2 M system. Galaxy Broadband also reported that only a 1 dB drop off was seen when using a smaller 80 cm dish, which it called an “impressive feature” for those looking at efficiency gain.

C-COM President and CEO Leslie Klein said the combination of high-quality service and support from Galaxy, and integrated hardware from C-COM and UHP, provides the end customer with the highest quality solutions. 

“Our partnership with C-COM and Galaxy Broadband has a long history of innovation,” said Vagan Shakhgildian, CEO of UHP. “Once again our companies were able to come up with an industry-leading product and service, which will deliver flexible and portable connectivity solutions to customers across North America.”