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Slingshot Aerospace Hires Spaceport Cornwall’s Melissa Quinn, Axiom Space’s Megan Sieffert

By Jeffrey Hill | June 7, 2023

Melissa Quinn (left) and Megan Sieffert (right) join Slingshot Aerospace

Melissa Quinn, the former head of Spaceport Cornwall, has joined spaceflight safety data and tracking company Slingshot Aerospace as its new general manager of Seradata, the launch and satellite database Slingshot acquired in June 2022. Quinn succeeds Tim Fuller, who is retiring on July 1 after leading Seradata for eight years.

As General Manager of Seradata, Quinn will drive the company’s global expansion and amplify the combined offerings of Seradata and Slingshot. Seradata, which tracks every launch dating back to Sputnik, aims to empower organizations with comprehensive and actionable insights.

“Melissa’s pioneering work in establishing the UK’s first spaceport, coupled with her passion for space, purpose-driven leadership, aerospace expertise, and strong business acumen, make her an invaluable addition to our team. Her dedication to advancing women in tech further aligns with our values and mission. I’m excited about the dynamism she will bring to expanding Seradata’s capabilities and broadening Slingshot’s global reach,” said Melanie Stricklan, CEO of Slingshot Aerospace, and winner of Via Satellite’s 2022 Executive of the Year Award.

Quinn also has a passion for fostering the future of the space industry through outreach to young girls interested in STEM careers. Quinn was instrumental in leading Spaceport’s STEM initiative, which led to the organization being awarded the Educational Project of the Year award by the Satellite Innovation Group in 2022.

Slingshot Aerospace also announced that former NASA Office of Inspector General attorney-adviser and Axiom Space Associate General Counsel Megan Sieffert will join the company as its General Counsel on June 12.

Before joining Slingshot Aerospace, Sieffert served as a Spaceflight Counsel, Associate General Counsel for Axiom Space, a company operating the world’s first fully commercial private astronaut missions to the International Space Station (ISS) and building the world’s first international commercial space station. Prior to that, she was the Attorney-Adviser at the Office of Inspector General for NASA where she led teams investigating fraud, waste, and abuse across NASA’s major programs including crew transportation to low Earth orbit, operations and research aboard the ISS, and spacesuits.