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IoT Startup Hiber Appoints New CEO Roel Jansen

By | September 2, 2021

Hiber CEO Roel Jansen.

Dutch satellite industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company Hiber B.V. has appointed a new CEO. Roel Jansen who joined Hiber as chief commercial officer in March, is now the company’s CEO according to a Tuesday announcement. Jansen was previously vice president of Sales at SurveyMonkey.

Jansen replaces Hiber B.V. founder Laurens Groenendijk. This follows after Hiber received a $30.6 million investment in funding to ramp up its plans in March. The European Innovation Council Fund (EIC Fund), the EU’s innovation agency, contributed from its Innovation Fund. 

Co-founder Laurens Groenendijk reportedly left the company in March 2021. Hiber’s other co-founders co-founders Erik Wienk and Coen Janssen remain with the company. 

The company is now focused on driving sales with industrial organizations operating in remote locations around the world including oil and gas producers, heavy equipment manufacturers and operators, and transport and logistics providers.

“By using satellites to connect remote, rural and roaming assets anywhere on earth, Hiber is operating at the final frontier of Industrial IoT. Our IoT platform makes adopting this technology easy and affordable, and enables Hiber customers to achieve significant safety, operational efficiency and sustainability improvements by monitoring industrial assets anywhere on earth in near real-time,” commented Jansen.

CORRECTION – A previous version of this story misstated that Roel Jansen replaced co-founder Michael Yngfors as CEO. It should have read that Jansen replaced Hiber B.V. founder Laurens Groenendijk. Michael Yngfors is the CEO of Hiber AB, a social entertainment company based in Sweden. Both Hiber AB and Michael Yngfors have no affiliation with Hiber B.V.