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Astroscale Acquisition Positions Company for GEO On-Orbit Servicing 

By | June 3, 2020

Astroscale is making a move into Geostationary (GEO) on-orbit servicing. Astroscale U.S. Inc., the U.S. unit of Astroscale Holdings Inc., is acquiring the intellectual property of Effective Space Solutions R&D Ltd. (ESS), an Israeli satellite life-extension and servicing company.

 “Astroscale is known for blazing trails in on-orbit debris-removal services in (Low-Earth Orbit) LEO, and now Astroscale U.S. will do the same for satellite life extension in GEO,” Ron Lopez, Astroscale U.S. president and managing director said in a Wednesday announcement. “We are eager to start serving commercial operators, the U.S. government and partner governments around the world, all as a proud part of the U.S. space community.”

The new Astroscale U.S. subsidiary, Astroscale Israel Ltd., will be staffed by former ESS employees and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. This subsidiary will serve as the company’s satellite servicing research and payload development group for life extension of GEO satellites. Arie Halsband, founder and CEO of ESS will serve as managing director. 

Astroscale said ESS is developing promising on-orbit servicing technologies, and also has experience designing complex GEO missions and programs. Astroscale pointed to the Space Drone program, as a cost effective, innovative and compatible solution for satellite servicing, and that it will evolve into an Astroscale platform. 

“We share with Astroscale a similar vision and strategy for how our technology and platform could become a logistical solution for commercial and government GEO satellites, and beyond,” Halsband said.