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Airbus Facilities in Spain 3D Print Visors in Coronavirus Response

By | April 1, 2020

Most Airbus facilities in Spain are working to 3D print visors frames to protect healthcare personnel in the COVID-19 response, the company announced April 1. More than twenty 3D printers have produced hundreds of visors, which have been dispatched to hospitals close to the Airbus facilities in Spain.

The Airbus Protospace Germany and the Airbus Composite Technology Centre (CTC) in Stade, Germany, along with the 3D-printing network Mobility Goes Additive (MGA), are supporting the project in Spain as well. Airbus paused the majority of its production Spain in response to a March 29 decree by the Spanish government, but Airbus employees are allowed on site to continue with this essential activity.

“One of the reasons I love my job is the capability we have for advanced design and quick manufacture. Overnight, we have gone from making aerospace concepts to medical equipment. This genuinely makes a difference in the fight against the pandemic and I couldn’t be prouder of our teams working day and night on this Airbus project,” said Alvaro Jara, head of Airbus Protospace in Getafe, Madrid.