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NanoAvionics Opens UK Sales Office, Appoints Sales Director

By | January 17, 2019
Aerial view of Harwell Campus. Photo: NanoAvionics

Aerial view of Harwell Campus. Photo: NanoAvionics

NanoAvionics opened a sales office in the United Kingdom, and appointed Tariq Sami as its U.K. Sales Director. Sami has worked in both the British and European aerospace industries, and aims to introduce the British space community to NanoAvionics’ capabilities. NanoAvionics U.K. is located in Oxfordshire at the Harwell Science and Innovation Campus.

“Considering his extensive experience in the British space industry and his collaborative focus on customers’ needs, I am pleased to welcome Tariq Sami to the NanoAvionics team,” said company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder Vytenis Buzas. “This is an exciting time to be part of the British space industry as the capabilities provided by our multipurpose nanosatellite buses enable innovative new business models.”

“With eight billion devices to connect for the Internet of Things (IOT), ever-increasing advances in payload miniaturization for the telecoms market and the need for higher revisit rates in Earth Observation, there is a real opportunity for nanosat technology to be a game-changer,” Sami said in the release.