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Phasor Receives Commercial Contracts Worth $300 Million

By | August 23, 2018
Phasor's Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA). Photo: Phasor

Phasor’s Electronically Steered Antenna (ESA). Photo: Phasor

Phasor, a developer of broadband, Electronically Steerable Antenna systems (ESAs), achieved an important milestone by securing commercial contracts valued at over $300 million. These multi-year product contracts are tied to exclusivity with key customers in defined target markets.

Over the coming months, Phasor expects to announce additional contracts across its commercial mobile broadband and government Communications-on-the-Move (COTM) target markets.

Phasor’s very low profile, electronically steerable antennas enable high-bandwidth service in a more reliable, failure-tolerant way, according to the release. The antennas are solid-state with no moving parts, to allow electronic tracking of satellite signals. The modular architecture of the Phasor technology allows antennas to scale to virtually any use-case requirement, fixed or mobile. The antennas can be flat or conformal, and fitted seamlessly to moving aircraft, ships or land-based vehicles. Phasor’s technology is very well suited to support fixed satellite networks, High Throughput Satellite (HTS) networks and Non-Geosynchronous Orbit (NGSO) satellite networks.