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New Funding to Accelerate LeoLabs LEO Mapping

By | July 26, 2018
The Midland Space Radar.

The Midland Space Radar. Photo: LeoLabs

LeoLabs, a commercial provider of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) mapping and Space Situational Awareness (SSA) services, closed a $13 million Series A financing round led by global investors WERU Investment and Airbus Ventures. Other investors participating in the round include Space Angels and Horizons Ventures.

With this new funding, LeoLabs will expand its network of next-generation radars for tracking small debris and satellites in LEO, as well as continue development of its LEO mapping and SSA platform.

“LeoLabs’ impressive platform vision and deep radar expertise are perfectly timed to address the space debris problem in LEO. There is a universal need for more data among the global space community, and we believe LeoLabs will play a pivotal role in preserving LEO for future generations,” WERU President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tadashi Takiguchi said.