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Andesat Boosts Fishery Production with iDirect Upgrade

By | June 12, 2018
Camanacha fishery Andesat

Camanacha fishery. Photo Credit: Andesat

Chilean satellite service provider Andesat has upgraded to iDirect’s Evolution 4.1 software, along with iDirect’s iQ Desktop Remote and Intelligent Gateway to introduce new DVB-S2X networking capabilities. During network testing over Intelsat’s IS-29 Epic satellite, Andesat netted a 30 percent efficiency improvement over previous networks, according to the company.

The 30 percent efficiency gains were achieved using iQ Desktop remotes installed over salmon pontoons in the South Chilean ocean, allowing Andesat to operate with the majority of traffic carried on Modulation and Coding (MODCOD) schemes from 64 Amplitude Phase Shift Keying (APSK) up to 256 APSK, while closing a link with a 18.6 decibel carrier-to-noise ratio on a 1m maritime antenna.

Andesat serves a territory that includes Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, and offers satellite connectivity services to remote areas in the Andean region.

Bringing satellite communications to salmon fisheries will boost production by allowing live monitoring of critical factors which impact operations, the company stated. Andesat now plans to expand DVB-S2X broadband services to other enterprise verticals, including education, fishing vessels, business offices, cellular backhaul and trains.