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SpaceX Will Launch DigitalGlobe’s Next Satellites in 2021

By | March 15, 2018
Artist rendition of WorldView Legion satellites. Photo: SSL

Artist rendition of WorldView Legion satellites. Photo: SSL

DigitalGlobe and SpaceX are working together for the first time to launch the WorldView Legion constellation. Two flight-proven Falcon 9 rockets will launch the initial block of the multi-satellite WorldView Legion constellation in 2021.

The WorldView Legion constellation will incorporate DigitalGlobe’s and its parent company, Maxar Technologies’, capabilities in Earth Observation (EO) and satellite construction technologies. It will double DigitalGlobe’s ability to collect high resolution 30 cm satellite imagery and triple the capacity available over the highest-demand regions, while reducing capital investments by half relative to the GeoEye 1, WorldView 1 and WorldView 2 satellites it will replace. The satellites are being developed by SSL.

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