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Arianespace Dual Launch Lofts Intelsat 34, Eutelsat 8 West B

By | August 21, 2015
      VA225 Arianespace Ariane 5

      Arianespace’s VA225 Ariane 5 dual launch mission for Intelsat and Eutelsat. Photo: Arianespace

      [Via Satellite 08-21-2015] Arianespace launched two satellites on Aug. 20, one for Intelsat and one for Eutelsat, aboard an Ariane 5 rocket. Eutelsat 8 West B, riding in the upper payload position, deployed first, 28 minutes into the flight. Intelsat 34 deployed second, 40 minutes into the mission.

      Built by Thales Alenia Space, Eutelsat 8 West B carries a Ku-band payload primarily for Direct-to-Home (DTH) markets in North Africa and the Middle East, and a C-band payload for coverage of Africa, reaching west out to South America. The satellite is on its way to the 7/8 degrees west video neighborhood and is expected to enter full commercial service in early October.

      Space Systems Loral (SSL) built Intelsat 34, which supports C- and Ku-band payloads over the Americas, the North Atlantic, and Western Europe. The new satellite replaces Intelsat 805 and Galaxy 11 at 304.5 degrees east. It will join Intelsat 11 and Intelsat 21 as the third satellite in Intelsat’s Latin America, pan-regional video distribution neighborhood. Intelsat 34 supports DTH customers as well as broadband for maritime and aeronautical services.

      The Aug. 20 mission was the fourth launch of the Ariane 5 and seventh Arianespace launch this year. The company’s next mission is scheduled for Sept. 10, for two Galileo navigation satellites using a Soyuz rocket.