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SES Launches New Streaming Service HD+ IP in Germany

By | November 10, 2021

SES is launching a new internet-based streaming service in Germany later this year, the company announced Nov. 9. The service, HD+ IP, a will provide subscribers with access to 50 HD channels and libraries with more content without needing to have a satellite, cable, or DVB-T2 TV connection.

Launching in December, the new HD+ IP streaming service will expand SES’s addressable market by additional 20 million households in Germany. The TV-app-based service will be downloadable or come pre-installed on a variety of smart TVs with Panasonic as an initial launch partner. HD+ IP will be available for owners of new Panasonic TVs through an automatic software update. Panasonic was also the first launch partner to integrate HD+ into its TV sets in 2019.

HD+ IP subscribers can watch both linear TV as well as on-demand programs and content without additional or proprietary devices – everything is delivered through the HD+ IP app directly integrated in TVs. It will offer over 50 HD channels, including public and private channels, with wide coverage as well as access to multiple media libraries with on-demand content.

“The launch of HD+ IP is the beginning of a new era for HD+ as it gives viewers the choice in how they want to watch TV. HD+ IP is especially important in terms of expanding our base of potential customers to practically every household given the reach of high-quality internet connections across the country. This is also a milestone for our trading partners as the marketing of HD+ has never been this easy and attractive before,” Norbert Hölzle,  managing director of HD+, said in a statement.